HRMS Software

What is HRMS software ?
Human resource is important to any organization and to keep them happy and upbeat is the job of the HRD. HRMS software has taken burden off the HR shoulders and made payroll very easy task and "anybody can do" task.
Our HRMS software is best in the corporate world to do justice to the HR's need which helps HR to manage HR operations very precisely and quickly. It helps employees to apply for attendance and leave, view their attendance records, check the status of their leave applications, view details related to their pay slip using ESS portal.
Intelli payroll HRMS software comprises of following Modules
Payroll & Statutory Compliance
Employee monthly payroll processing can be done using HRMS software by Prodigy Technologies. all statutory norms such as PF, PT, ESIC, Tax Slabs, TDS concessions under various sections, LWF etc. are predefined in the HR software. One does not have to configure the heads for the same.
Leave Types and employee leave management
Leave records are mandatory to be kept as per government regulation and for this employer needs to maintain leave records for each employee on an annual basis and for each employee in the organization on a monthly basis.
Employee Self Service Portal(ESS)
Make your employees independent by using ESS Portal. Employee self service (ESS) is the most important Feature in HRMS , which allows employees to view and manage their payroll and HR information.
Performance management
Performance management or appraisal management is one of the key feature of intell-payroll Software. It helps you to understand your employees’ skills, competencies, helps to determine and reduce gaps and plan for future development of employee. The objective of using performance management software is to retain talented human resource and make loyal employees more skillful so that they become more productive.
Time & Attendance Management
In IntelliPayroll, the attendance of employees is managed at ease. An Excel sheet containing sample format of attendance can be exported from the application itself which can be filled by admin or by branch heads and imported.
Employee can apply for their reimbursements through ESS Portal. Arrears and Reimbursements can be imported from an excel file. This helps the user to save time manually entering data, also it automates the system thus reducing manual errors.
Salary Management & Reports
Salary calculation & Management is intrinsic part of a HR and Payroll software and Intelli Payroll software does this effortlessly. software generates mails, exports and prints reports on a single click.
Appraisal Management
The appraisal can be done in HRMS Software on predefined parameters. Each employee can be evaluated on these parameters where each parameter have a weightage in the overall appraisal. After appraisal each employee can have their appraisal salary increment can be automatically done in the system. New salaries can also be uploaded from an excel file.
IntelliPayroll - An Intelligent Payroll Software
100% compliant payroll software.
Mobile friendly ESS Portal.
150+ reports.
Includes PF, ESIC, PT, Bonus, Gratuity, Full & Final Settlement, ITNS 281 Challan, Form 16, 24QR, PF ECR, TDS Projection, Online ESIC Statement & many more.