Payroll Software Oman

Calculating the monthly salary is a tedious task that HR has to manage. Manual payroll systems & spreadsheets are time consuming, complicated and it's easy to make a mistakes. Payroll software oman is a comprehensive, efficient & fully customizable HR & Payroll software which makes our tedious job very easy. we are help to your HR team to focus on creating value for your company.

Payroll software Oman includes leave management, attendance management, Pasi calculation, appraisal, reports generation and much more. Payroll processing is done with a very effective manner that helps you to avoid wasting your Valuable time.

Payroll Software Benefits

Biometric Integration

Intellipayroll software integrates with all types of biometric devices which can import data from biometric device and process the attendance.

Saves More Time And Money

Intellipayroll software helps to speed up the payroll process. There is great potential to save money, once you start using the software quickly and efficiently.

Web Based Payroll

Cloud payroll provides secure access to software from anywhere and anytime.

Prompt Support

If there is any issue, payroll software offers comprehensive support services via chat,call etc

Employee Portal

Efficient Management of Employee Information. Give your employees instant access to their payslips, personal information etc.

Data Security

Intellipayroll ensure safety and integrity of the information. Data is backed up regularly, and there is no risk of loss of data.

Completely customized Software

As per the client requirement we can customize the software & fulfill their requirement effectively.

Tax declarations made easy:

Intelligent payroll software will notify you with latest tax update.

Automate Processes

Payroll software Oman automates various processes like employee salary calculations, earning & deduction, leave & attendance management, with accuracy. These software save huge amount of time by accelerating payroll workflows.

Avoid Making Mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes when you manage payroll calculation manually, but with the right payroll management solution it becomes easy to avoid such mistakes.

Intelligent Software

Fastest growing intelligent payroll software in India!