Payroll Software Pune

Prodigy Technologies introduces Payroll software Pune, an intelligent way to calculate employee payroll in the company. We have several satisfied customers in and around Pune, who have been using this payroll software for several years. This payroll software Pune is an all-inclusive kit that makes the payroll process time saving

Special Features of Payroll Software Pune

Attendance Management

Attendance management is one of the best features of Payroll software . It helps in attendance management. It easily gets data from swipe or punching machines, thus maintaining each employee's leave data. This information is automatically considered while payroll processing every month.

Leave Management

Different types of leaves can be defined in this software. Paid and unpaid leaves taken by the employees can be maintained. Payroll software acts as a leave account tracker

Money Transfer

Payroll software helps in fast money transfer to employee’s account by generating bank advice on a click. Bank advice can also be generated in XL file.

Multiple Salary Structure

This payroll software Pune provides the chance to create not just one but multiple salary structures along with several earning and deduction heads. With this, one can create separate salary structure for each employee class.

Loan Management

Loan management becomes easy with Payroll Software. It helps to recognize whether the employee is eligible for loan. Also, once the loan is approved, the EMI deductions from the salary is automatically done by the software.

Bonus Management

Payroll software is a great tool for bonus management too. Employees applicable to receive bonus can be recognized with this. It is also possible to generate bonus reports and statements with this software.

These are just a few of the special features of Payroll software. if you think that this software can help to make your work easy or if you wish to arrange a Demo of the software kindly reach us through our contact page.

Why Choose Payroll Software Pune ?

Our Payroll software solution acts as a true working companion of the Human Resource professional. With this software, the HR of the company can focus on other important HR duties as payroll software completely takes over the payroll process. Here are some of the reasons to choose our payroll software for your company's payroll processing.

Payroll Software is easy to use and is at the same time a powerful tool that has all the advanced features.

Anyone can use this payroll software, configure it, or change it without any training.

It is completely compliant with all the governmental laws regarding payroll.

Prodigy Technologies offers online support to our customers for resolving any issue regarding the software and also for configuring it.

The payroll software is also used as salary calculator which helps to calculate CTC based salaries.

It is possible to transfer master data from an excel sheet with the help of payroll software .

While calculating EPF, EDLI, ESIC, gratuity, etc., by using this payroll software Pune, no or minimal intervention is required.

Apart from managing monthly payrolls, payroll software possesses many other advanced features

Our payroll software is best for small and large companies; this solution is worth the money.

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