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Different Leave types. If it’s to do with leave management, consider it done with IntelliPayroll..

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Leave Managementc Software

From Small scale to large scale every organization needs flexible & user friendly leave management system.so Manage your employee leave effortlessly with Intellipayroll leave management software .here one can define different leave types. These leave types can be paid or unpaid. If paid they can be encashed or carry forwarded to next year. Separate leave accounts for different leave types for each employee can be maintained. The leave tracker of an employee can be viewed to get all the details of his leave by using payroll software. Payroll Software also maintains leave account tracker.

Leave Management Features

Apply Online Leave

You can apply for leave online with different leave types like sick leave,casual leave, maternity leave etc.


Complete history of your employee’s leaves taken, approved, rejected or pending.

Public/Company Holidays

Your can create company’s holiday   list & you   can choose   the ones   you want   to implement   in your   company.

Year End Processing

Complete the year-end processing automatically by computing leave carry-forwards, leave encashments, etc.

Customizable Approval Workflow

Define flexible workflow. Once an employee selects his/her department, the pre-defined workflow must auto-populate.

Attendance Management

Track your employee attendance easily with this real time attendance software. It is completely automated and ensures accurate payroll processing.

Intelligent Software

Fastest growing intelligent payroll software in India!