Payroll Software Features List


  • Online Payroll Software or ePayroll use anytime anywhere
  • No separate hardware required
  • Built On Latest Dot Net Technology
  • All Statutory Forms and challans
  • 100% Compliant
  • Access Control
  • Highly Scalable Supports 'n' Employees
  • Compatible with swipe card machines XL Reports
  • Online eFile for PF ECR, ESIC and TDS 24QR
  • One click operation
  • Employee Portal available
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • Month locking
  • Auto Arrear
  • Reimbursement
  • Loan
  • Reminders
  • Appraisal
  • TDS

Attendance Management

  • Attendance Processing
  • Import/Export in Excel file
  • Create Holiday List (Compulsory and optional), Specify weekly off
  • OT days/ OT hrs

Leave Management

  • Define 'n' no of leave types.
  • Apply Leave, Employee can apply for leave from his employee portal & email for approval will be sent to the employee's HR and line manager
  • Leave Encashment.
  • Leave carry forward (Monthly and yearly).
  • Leave tracker.

Earning And Deduction

  • Define in multiple ways viz. Slab, %Basic, Formula.
  • Multiple earning and deduction heads.
  • Multiple salary structures.
  • Class based salary structure.

Recover and Reimbursement

  • Single entry for recurring month.
  • Apply reimbursement from employee portal.


  • Salary Reports.
    • Monthly Salary Sheet.
    • Bank wise salary statement.
    • Cash/ Cheque statement.
    • Annual Salary report.
    • OT statement
    • CTC, Paymaster report.
  • Monthly and yearly attendance report
  • Leave
    • Leave Tracker
    • Leave Balance statement
  • ESIC, PT, LWF, PF Statement.
  • TDS
    • TDS Projection
    • Monthly and yearly TDS statement.
  • Arrear, Reimbursement and recovery statement.
  • Gratuity and Leave encashment provisioning report
  • Gratuity statement, Gratuity applicability report
  • Appraisal Report
  • Employee Report
    • Document Submission
    • Salary certificate, Appointment Letter, Break certificate, Experience Letter.
    • Employee Master Report.
  • All Reports can be exported to excel

Access Control

  • Access Permission
  • Forgot/ Reset Password
  • Session Report

Bulk uploads

  • Arrears, Recovery
  • Attendance.
  • Salary Master.
  • Leave balance

Arrear Calculation

  • Auto arrear calculation
  • Calculate arrear on worked days
  • Calculate arrear of previous month on salary increment

Statutory compliance (PF, ESIC, PT, LWF)

  • Pre configured with all statutory norms.
  • Limit Employee & Employer Contribution
  • Automatic calculation of PF statement.
  • PF, ESIC, PT, LWF applicability at Employee Level
  • Online e-Submission of PF ECR, ESIC.


  • TDS applicability at employee level.
  • Auto and Manual TDS Deduction.
  • Concession declaration on employee portal.
  • Considers previous employment income.
  • ITNS 281 challan and 24QR.
  • FORM 16 with salary annexure, FORM 12BA, Concession Declaration.
  • TDS calculator on employee portal.

Employee Master

  • Comprehensive master entry.
  • Details like previous employment, family info, educational qualification
  • Emergency info
  • Asset given log.
  • Document submission
  • Concession Proof submission history.
  • Employee transfer history

Full and Final settlement

  • Leave encashment, gratuity, outstanding Loan, outstanding arrears and reimbursement.
  • Final Salary calculation.
  • Full and final statement.

Payroll Processing

  • Hold salary & Freezing of Salary.
  • Group wise processing, mailing, printing.
  • Bank, cash, cheque payment advice.
  • Salary trial audit.
  • Appraisal

Employee Portal

  • View/ Download Salary slip
  • TDS calculator.
  • Apply Leave
  • Proof & Document Not Submitted List.
  • Holiday List.
  • Apply Reimbursement.
  • PF Statement.
  • Monthly and yearly salary statement.
  • View/Download FORM 16, FORM12BA
  • View Attendance

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