Payroll Software Bangalore

Payroll software Bangalore is a product of Prodigy Technologies, a software development company in Pune. Payroll software is built on latest dot net technologies. Payroll software is developed to make payroll processing fast and simple. Now payroll processing can be done in single click on our payroll software, just provide input to our payroll software

Payroll software

Payroll software bangalore comes in Desktop payroll software and Epayroll or Online payroll software. Desktop payroll software is off line solution where you can work on single location. Online payroll software or Epayroll is a web based payroll software that you can use anywhere and any time.

One of the best things about this payroll software is that it helps to reduce manual work. You do not have to type out the leave details of each employee; rather the payroll software can be connected with the attendance punching machine from where such data could be easily transferred. Also, other details like tax deductions, bonuses, etc., can also be calculated automatically with the help of this software. Online Payroll software can be operated both by the employer and the employee, as it comes with two user modes such as admin portal and employee portal. While the employer can process the salaries online, the employees can check out their salary details through the same mode.

Features of Payroll Software Bangalore

  • Attendance Management

  • Leave Management

  • Earning or Deduction Heads

  • Arrears Calculation

  • Recover and Reimbursement

  • Statutory compliance (PF, LWF, PT, ESIC)

  • TDS Calculation

  • Full and Final settlement

  • Salary Report

  • E-Returns

The above list shows just few features of payroll software bangalore. If you think that this payroll software can help to make your work easy or if you wish to arrange a Demo of the software kindly reach us through our contact page.

Our payroll software is used by companies in several Indian cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. Payroll software Bangalore has several features due to which it has become popular among companies that use it for their payroll process.

Not only Payroll Software is powerful with so many features but also it is quite user friendly. No training is required to operate this software and anybody can make use of it. This payroll software Bangalore makes the whole process of releasing payroll stress free for the HR, who can actually concentrate on his or her other responsibilities. So, in other words, this software helps one to save time for other important work.

Payroll software Bangalore is thus a useful for making the payroll processing a hassle free experience. Contact us if you are looking for a good and reliable payroll software.

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