Payroll Software Mumbai

Payroll software is a product offered by Prodigy Technologies, a software development company in Pune. Payroll software is available in two versions desktop payroll software and online payroll software or epayroll. However, this payroll software is not restricted for businesses in Pune only. On the other hand, there are several Mumbai based companies that use our payroll software for their payroll processes. This is an intelligent payroll software that helps to avoid manual calculations completely. Your HR professional can handover the responsibility of payroll calculations or salary calculation to this payroll software Mumbai completely and focus on other more important work.

Payroll software is based on dot net technology and follows all the salary and payroll laws set by the government. It is designed in such a way that anyone can access it easily. In other words, you do not have to go through any training for using this payroll software Mumbai. This software is compatible with Excel as well as all types of attendance punching machines, and also imports data from them during the payroll process. Payroll software mumbai is configured with all latest features required for payroll processing.

Features of Payroll Software Mumbai

  • Attendance Management

  • Leave Management

  • Arrears Calculation

  • Money Transfer

  • Multiple Salary Sturcture

  • Bonus Management

  • Statutory Norms

  • PF, PT, ESIC, TDS calculation

  • Auto Backup Facility

  • Earning or Deduction Heads

  • Emailing

  • Trial Audit Report

  • One Click Operation

Payroll Software

These are just a few features of Payroll software mumbai. if you think that this payroll software can help to make your work easy or if you wish to arrange a Demo of the software kindly reach us through our contact page.

Different versions of payroll software mumbai are available at different payroll packages. You can select the one that has the features that you require and also the one that fits your budget.

We also offer Epayroll or online payroll software Mumbai , which is not only good for the employers but also for employees.Online payroll software has two portal Admin portal and Employee portal. The employer can check all the details and actions taken by his employee through an admin portal. Where as the employees can check their salary details online and can also apply for leaves through this employee portal. They can also check their leave details through this.

Intelligent Software

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