Payroll Software Hyderabad

Payroll Software Hyderabad is an accurate and efficient Payroll software from Prodigy Technologies.Intellipayroll is available in Desktop version and in Online version.Payroll Management Software Hyderabad helps you to grow your Business to next level.Our service offerings include payroll processing,Leave Management, Attendance Management and employee management services without any hassle.This automated software makes the task of HR and employee easier.

Online payroll software works as a virtual HR for employees and hence HR executive is not disturbed by periodic requests from employees for various reports and SalarySlips/Payslips.

Salient features of Payroll Software Hyderabad

  • Instant payslip generation
  • Built–in payroll calculator for instant tax calculations
  • Electronically file and pay taxes
  • Delight your employees with employee self-service portal
  • Hassle-free workers compensation
  • Employee data management Excellent support
  • System generated email notification
  • Auto-Generate Reports

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