Answer :- YES. Client applications can be installed and concurrent usages is possible. For Online Payroll Software no software needs to be installed, with internet connection one can work with a valid login and password as we use gmail.
Answer :- YES. Bulk data such as attendance, advance deduction or arrears can be imported from XL files.
Answer :- NO. A demo can be arranged where all the doubts about software can be cleared. One month Money back guarantee is given if you don’t like the payroll software money will be refunded without asking any questions.
Answer :- YES. PF ECR, ESIC eFile, TDS challan ITNS 281 and 24QR available in both desktop payroll software and online payroll software or Epayroll. Hence no need to consult consultant for e-submissions. No need to use software for 24QR.
Answer :-YES. There are more than 75 reports/ challans/ forms available in payroll software pertaining to PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, TDS, Provisiong, Bonus
Answer :- YES. No limit on creation of Branches/ departments/ designation.
Answer :- YES. In Diamond / Multiple Company payroll package ‘n’ companies can be created in both desktop payroll software and online payroll software.
Answer :- Excel cannot create e files and cannot generate all reports. Moreover it is not error free and takes time also, all data is not centrally located. Payroll Software takes less time hence HR can do other productive work.
Answer :- No Problem. We have done successful installations in more than 16 cities in india from Himachal Pradesh to Chennai.
Answer :- YES. TDS can be automatically calculated and Concessions are also taken care of. Manual mode also possible.
Answer :- Online updates are provided. We shoot mails to all clients for any new release. The Desktop version of IntelliPayroll is automatically updated. Even this can be done by on Teamviewer. In future releases the software will automatically connect to our server and will automatically update itself.
Answer :- Intelli Payroll Software comes with auto backup feature so that even if system crashes a backup will always be present on server (on LAN or local machine).